How do Round Ups Work?
Updated over a week ago

You can think of round-ups as change you'd get at the store when paying with a dollar. Round ups are essentially when your purchase transactions are rounded-up to the next whole dollar. For example, a $2.49 coffee would get "rounded up" to $3, and we'd track the 51¢ difference to go towards your next bond purchase. A full-dollar transaction, like $15.00, would round-up to the next whole dollar.

When you connect your Bank Account to our app, we fetch a daily list of transactions from that account. Our app then "rounds up" each purchase to the nearest full dollar.

When the total round-ups reach $10, a bond purchase is triggered for your Compound Bonds account, just as if you would have purchased one bond manually. Your $10 gets transferred via ACH to our bank, and a bond is issued to you when the final transfer clears.

Please note that when your accumulated round ups reach $10, and the bond is triggered for your account, the $10 cost is deducted from the bank account you originally linked.

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