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How does Compound Real Estate Bonds, Inc. operate and make money?
How does Compound Real Estate Bonds, Inc. operate and make money?
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The best investment assets used to be exclusively for the elite clients of huge financial institutions. We wanted to unlock this access for the everyday person, so we built our business around the business models of financial institutions that have been tried and tested for generations on Wall Street and around the world.

Compound's business model and operations are built based on the structure, strategies and principles of asset managers that manage funds for institutions and sovereign wealth funds. We are bringing institutional grade products that were once reserved for the Top 1% by financial behemoths for the everyday person.

We have a diverse stream of income. First, we make a spread between what is paid to you (7%) as a bondholder and the return generated when the bond proceeds are put to work in loans and other investments.

Additionally, we earn rental income from the real estate assets we own, along with capital appreciation, interest payments, and other fees from loans.

Between interest on the loans made and the combination of other real estate investments, a greater return than the 7% is generated and we fund our operations using this difference.

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