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What is your asset management strategy?
What is your asset management strategy?
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It’s important to note that all financial investments involve an element of risk.

Compound uses a diversification strategy to reduce and manage our assets risk and volatility. We have designed our real estate investing processes with the goal of being able to withstand economic downturns, and volatility. Based on our value investing strategy of acquiring assets for less than what we believe their intrinsic value to be, investing in secured real estate mortgages, diversifying assets across regions, sector, risk and time horizon, and our use of technology and data science for investment acquisition: we believe that our real estate portfolio from a liquidity, and risk management standpoint is well positioned.

Additionally, by investing bond proceeds into real estate; we gain access to what is historically the most solid and stable investment class. It outperformed the average annualized S&P 500 return for the last 25 years and increased faster than inflation!

Like all investment products, we recommend that Compound Bonds should be a piece of your diversified investment portfolio. Ultimately, Compound Bonds are an investment product, and like any investment they are subject to loss so you would only want to invest what you are comfortable with.

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